Curriculum Vitae of John Steven Calder
"Everyone has eyes.... but few have vision.."
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2019 - Solo Exhibit - 'A Stroke of Luck' - Sweeties Art Cafe, San Francisco California - June - 1st through July 1st 2019
Solo show in a legendary North Beach art house. Retrospectrive of Calder's completes works from the San Franciso Art Institute.

2018 - Solo Exhibit - Ocean Beach Series - La Copa Loca Gelato, San Francisco California - November - 1st through January 1st 2019
Solo show in a neighborhood bistro. First public showing of the 'Ocean Beach' series.

2016 - BFA Exhibition - San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco California - December - 4th through 12th
Participated in the graduating class of 2016, in the Diego Rivera Gallery. Exhibited 4 paintings.

2015 - Veterans Eyes Portrait Project - Veterans Home of California, Yountville California - September-December
Visited Yountville on the 4th of July. Returned in September for an exhibition and opening. At finish of show, portraits given to each participating Veteran and their family. Exhibited 26 portraits.


2016 - PAH Film Festival - San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco California - January
Produced, edited and submitted 6 minute film "Exposition" to Christoper Coppola PAH Nation Film Festival Voted "Best of Show"


2002 - Print Model - San Francisco Bay to Breakers - 2002-2003
My family and I were selected to be the poster family for the famous "Bay to Breakers" footrace in San Francisco. Over 350 of these posters were placed through out the City. (see poster PDF file)

1992 - National Print Media Model - Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation - Jan. through Aug. - 1992
My family and I were selected to represent uninsured Americans. This full page photo was in every national newspaper for one year, every Wednesday. Also feature in weekly magazines like Time and Newsweek. (see ad campaign)


1988 - Entrepreneur of the Year - San Francisco Focus Magazine - Public Broadcasting magazine
Titled the 'Bad Boy of Silicon Alley", I was profiled in Focus Magazine for my successes in the economically challenged Hunter Point neighborhood in San Francisco's Bay-view District. This followed by multiple Television and printed articles profiling my company's minority hiring and training programs.

2015 - Summer Session - SFAI Summer Photography - Companion book
Contributed photography to summer session seminar

2016 - Veterans Eyes Volume #1 - Veterans Eyes Portrait Project - Companion book
Companion book for each Veterans Eyes Project exhibition. Participating Veterans may purchase the book at cost.

Public Arts

Project Manager - Emperor Norton Plaza Project - 2001 to 2008
I am building a statue of Emperor Norton in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood. This includes all aspects of the local and city politics, Art's Commission and all fundraising. Very active with the Arts Commission, Board of Supervisors and a variety of public offices.

Media & Communications

Director of Mojo - Argonaut Newspaper and Web Site - 2002 to Present
The Argonaut was a literary journal based in San Francisco, California that ran from 1877 to 1956, founded and published originally by Frank M. Pixley. The name comes from the local term for gold prospectors, argonaut. The magazine was known for containing strong political Americanism combined with art and literature. Many 19th-century writers such as Ambrose Bierce, Yda Addis, and Gertrude Atherton appeared regularly in its pages. It was considered one of the most important publications in California, and it had a great deal of political influence.

The magazine was revived in 1991, by Warren Hinckle, and continues in both print and on-line formats.

Publisher - Hydraulic Press 1986 - Poetry Book
Started a small publishing company, using emerging desktop publishing systems, to enable local poets and writers to 'self publish' using these technologies. Published 30 books and lost a lot of money!

Publisher - US RAG 1986-1987 - Comedy Magazine
Started a comedy magazine based upon the popularity of local comedy clubs. Capitalizing on the infrastructure of Hydraulic Press. Published eight issues and lost even more money!

Civic Participation

Juror - Civil Grand Jury - San Francisco Superior Court - 2003-2004
I was nominated and I accepted the a position on the San Francisco Superior Court Civil Grand Jury. This secret watchdog Grand Jury investigates all San Francisco agencies and officers. Web site and Reports.

Political Consultant - Various Candidates- 2002-2006
Worked with a variety of School Board and Supervisor Candidates for local elections. Focusing on Education issues, web site design and development and authoring policy statements.

Co-Host/Moderator and President - Asian American Political Coalition - 2004
Co-Host and Sponsor of local Political Action Committee. I host local candidates every Friday for neighborhood Meet and Greets. ( see current events)


Active Member - South End Rowing Club - San Francisco oldest public athletic club
Active member and Board member of the Cities oldest athletic club. Active in handball, open water swimming, running and open water rowing.

Alumni Member - San Francisco Rugby Club - Division 1 Rugby Football Club
Played for 33 seasons and finally retired from active play in 2013.

Member - E Clampus Vitus - 1886
Member of Yerba Buena #1 Chapter of E Clampus Vitus. Cannot Remember how long I have been a member, nor would I admit it if I knew.

Founder - Sons of Molly Maguire - United Irish Cultural Center of San Francisco - 2003
Founding member of "the Sons of Molly Maguire", one of the Member organizations of San Francisco's largest Irish Political Clubs.


Bachelors of Fine Arts - Design and Technology - San Francisco Art Institute - 2016
Bachelors of Arts - Business Administration - University of Phoenix - 1992
Associates of Arts - Electrical Engineering - Heald Technical School - 1982
Associates of Arts - General Education - Community College of the Air Force - 1980


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