I had an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon yesterday at the VA Hospital at Fort MIley in San Francisco. When I left via the lobby in 203 on the ground floor, I noticed the portraits of the VA Director and the President of the United States.

The President’s picture was covered in spit. Dripping, not only one spit, but easily 50, some of it dried and stained. This seems to not have been cleaned, ever. I wrote an email to the head of PR at that facility, and 12 minutes later, I got a reply and assurance that this will never happen again.

I guess I will be giving away portraits, spending my time, money energy and summer, to folks that would do this. Thats hard to take.

I guess the first lesson on this project is that Veterans are just like everyone else in society. Most people are great, some are jerks, some are racists, some are bigots.

I’m holding on to my beliefs that we are all good people and the great ones ‘look out for the other guy’ as well.

I’m shooting for greatness and a little spit is not going hold me back!