Photography Tools Created for the Project

HTML5 Photography Tools By John Steven Calder Feel free to use these applications for your own projects. Source code available for free, just ask. Mobile Model Release Runs on any Mobile or Desktop system. Allows signatures via touchscreen on cell phones. This application has proven to be invaluable to any Photographer. It runs on any […]

4th of July Sucess!

We had a wonderful time in Yountville on the 4th of July. It was a beautiful day and we met some wonderful Veterans. I did not sleep the night before as I was concerned that since we were shooting portraits in a tent, outdoors, that I would not get the shots I wanted. After setting […]

4th of July Launch Date!

I will be in Yountville California on the 4th of July. The Veterans Retirement home there is having a festival, I will be in our booth all day taking portraits! Getting together a nice 10 x 10 foot custom canopy ‘studio’. Will be testing out lighting this week at SFAI. Should be fine. This rig, if […]

Tough Lesson right out of the gate.

I had an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon yesterday at the VA Hospital at Fort MIley in San Francisco. When I left via the lobby in 203 on the ground floor, I noticed the portraits of the VA Director and the President of the United States. The President’s picture was covered in spit. Dripping, not only […]